A conscious choice for the safety of every worker

Safety at work is very important and product quality is essential for the success of every company.

Safe in® is a new brand dedicated to safety at work. It offers a unique range of products including the most important brands in the safety industry. Through a professional distribution network and a dedicated catalogue, Safe in® is able to reach tens of thousands of manufacturing companies where safety is a determining factor for success. Belonging to a company with a 50-year experience, Safe in® offers 20.000 products, all dedicated to worker safety.

Why choose Safe in®?

20.000 products

20.000 references to choose from, specially selected from the best brands in the industry by a team of experts.

Guaranteed quality

Dedicated staff takes care of the selection of suppliers, the evaluation and the selection of the best products with a quality-price ratio suited to your needs.

Regulatory compliance

Through an active participation to the Italian and European stakeholders meetings, Safe in® guarantees compliance with the several and stringent regulations of the sector.

Delivery times and warehouse availability

Thanks to financial resources, available space and adequate planning, Safe in® is able to guarantee fast delivery times and punctual deliveries.

Distribution network and presence in the territory

A network of professional dealers will be able to guide in choosing the most suitable products for your needs.

Product search service

A dedicated and efficient research service. Our buyers will assist you in the products search, providing exactly what you are looking for, to better fit your needs.

UV germicidal ray lamps

The UV-ray ceiling lamp is a powerful disinfection system for the upper layer of air in the rooms. The use of parabolic reflectors and non-reflective lamellae allow to create a zone of UV germicidal rays only in the upper part of the room, in order to keep the lower area completely safe for people. Effective against viruses (Covid-19), bacteria and fungi.

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E-TWOW electric scooters

The E-TWOW electric scooters are an Eco-friendly solution for urban transportation and a new way of getting around the city: avoid contact and move quickly and safely! A reliable and versatile product, suitable for those looking for an alternative transportation system for everyday use. Compact, agile and with great autonomy, the scooters allow you to cover large distances quickly, safely and economically..  

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CleanSpace respirators

The perfect solution to guarantee the maximum level of protection with a filtering efficiency of up to 99.97%. The positive pressure assisted ventilation system automatically adjusts the air flow according to the user’s breathing rhythm: pushes the air into the lungs when breathing (thanks to the powerful 200 L / min micro turbine engine) and always guaranteed fresh and clean air.

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Safe in® cans

Safe in® marking system: high quality strip paint for warehouses and car parks and fluorescent striper paintwork for construction sites. Ideal for marking dirt roads, constructions, pipes; good durability also in bad weather conditions. The range includes the striper trolley, the rod and the marking gun.

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Safe in® absorbent products

The wide range of Safe in® industrial absorbents offers various solutions for accidental spills of chemicals, oils and for universal uses. They are supplied in different formats to satisfy every need.

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Safe in® bumpers

Safe in® bumpers offer impact protection, made of expanded Eva, are lightweight and extremely flexible. Available in multiple models to meet every need.

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Safe in® floor tapes

Safe in® adhesive floor markings: Standard for lighter applications and Premium for harder applications with very strong permanent adhesive. The rolls are available in different colors and heights. The range of shapes is wide, such as discs, arrows, footprints and other types.

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Safe in® retractable stretch barriers

Safe in® systems for delimitation of areas: elegant curtain rods, in different finishes, colors and types for interiors and exteriors. The range includes 3,4,5 and 10 meters belt and notice frames in A4 and A3 format.

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Safe in® modular belt system

Safe in® modular belt system in polypropylene, for interiors and exteriors. All-round, composed of tape tensioning heads, modular columns, magnetic supports, bases, document holders. The elements can be combined with each other to adapt to all environments and any communication needs.

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Safe in® anti-slip tapes

Safe in® anti-slip rolls and strips resistant to cleaning, steam and detergent. Wide range for different needs: Standard for regular surfaces, Conformable for non-uniform surfaces, Waterproof for environments with presence of water and Standard / photoluminescent for situations of sudden low light.

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Safe in® steel barrier

Safe in® barrier made of galvanized steel, composed of three modules, stable and resistant, indispensable for effectively, safely and practically delimiting the work areas. It is proposed with two different pictograms printed on one side: “Generic Danger” in yellow / black and “Access Prohibited” in white / red.

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Safe in® polyethylene barrier

Safe in® polyethylene barriers are stable also on irregular ground, have a built-in connection system and are designed in order to easily and quickly create barriers around temporary sites or to delimit the passage of pedestrians. Made of high density polyethylene, resistant and stable, they are supplied with feet and white/red 1200 x 145 mm reflective band. Available colors: orange and yellow. Dimensions 2000 x 1000 mm, weight 10 kg.

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Safe in® workwear

Safe in® workwear with superior quality and resistance features, are made of technical cotton fabric to increase strength and Elastam to increase comfort and facilitate movement. Very stylish and comfortable, the jacket, the padded gilet and the sweatshirt complete the range.

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Safe in®FLUO first aid cabinets and cases 

Safe in® exclusive line of fluorescent yellow cases and cabinets; a must-have for all the situations which require greater visibility, in order to quickly identify medical equipment, even in low visibility conditions.

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