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Safety at work is very important and product quality is essential for the success of every company.

About us

SafeIn® is a brand dedicated to safety work. It offers a unique range of products including the most important brands in the safety industry. A selection of innovative technological products, constantly updated by our team of experts focused on meeting customers’ needs with the most efficient solution.
Through a professional distribution network and a dedicated catalogue, SafeIn® is able to reach thousands of manufacturing companies where safety is a determining factor for success. Belonging to a company with a 50-year experience, SafeIn® offers 20.000 products, all dedicated to workers’ safety.

20.000 products

20.000 articles to choose from, specially selected from the best brands in the industry by a team of experts.

Guaranteed quality

Dedicated staff takes care of the selection of suppliers, the evaluation and the selection of the best products with a quality-price ratio suited to your needs.

Regulatory compliance

Through an active participation to the Italian and European stakeholders meetings, SafeIn® guarantees compliance with the several and stringent regulations of the sector.

Delivery times and warehouse availability

Thanks to financial resources, available space and adequate planning, SafeIn® is able to guarantee fast delivery times and punctual deliveries.

Distribution network and presence in the territory

A network of professional dealers will be able to guide you in choosing the most suitable products for your needs.

Product search service

A dedicated and efficient research service. Our buyers will assist you in the products search, providing exactly what you are looking for, to better meet your needs.

Belt barriers stanchion

SafeIn® belt barriers help to delimit spaces and organize the flow of people in highly frequented contexts, such as shopping centres, large companies, stations and airports. Versatile, suitable for all environments, they are available in different models and finishes.

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Floor marking signs

SafeIn® adhesive floor marking is an indispensable tool for reducing risks in warehouses, factories and workshops, allowing you to delimit spaces and guide the circulation of warehouse aisles. Our range includes ribbons, stamps, arrows, corners, dividers, etc.

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Bumpers in expanded EVA

Suitable for indoors and outdoors, SafeIn® expanded EVA bumpers are ideal in places (warehouses, production and industrial areas) where it is necessary to protect yourself from accidental impacts. Resistant to bad weather, UV rays and salt, they are available in different versions.

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Paint and barriers

SafeIn® line marking paints, in the normal and fluorescent versions, delimit horizontal surfaces, optimizing the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians indoors and outdoors. SafeIn® steel and aluminum barriers effectively delimit any work space.

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Workwear and first aid

SafeIn® workwear is comfortable, practical and functional: the range includes trousers, jackets, sweatshirts and vests. SafeIn® first aid cases and cabinets are supplied in a photoluminescent version, to be visible in any environmental condition.

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Industrial absorbent products

The wide range of SafeIn® industrial absorbents protects against spills and accidental leaks of dangerous liquids which pose a potential risk to the environment and workers’ health. The range includes cloths, rolls, cushions, barriers and socks, to adapt to any need.

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