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Safety at work is very important and product quality is essential for the success of every company.

About us

SafeIn® is a new brand dedicated to safety at work. It offers a unique range of products including the most important brands in the safety industry. A selection of innovative technological products, constantly updated by our team of experts focused on meeting customers’ needs with the most efficient solution.
Through a professional distribution network and a dedicated catalogue, SafeIn® is able to reach thousands of manufacturing companies where safety is a determining factor for success. Belonging to a company with a 50-year experience, SafeIn® offers 20.000 products, all dedicated to workers’ safety.

20.000 products

20.000 articles to choose from, specially selected from the best brands in the industry by a team of experts.

Guaranteed quality

Dedicated staff takes care of the selection of suppliers, the evaluation and the selection of the best products with a quality-price ratio suited to your needs.

Regulatory compliance

Through an active participation to the Italian and European stakeholders meetings, SafeIn® guarantees compliance with the several and stringent regulations of the sector.

Delivery times and warehouse availability

Thanks to financial resources, available space and adequate planning, SafeIn® is able to guarantee fast delivery times and punctual deliveries.

Distribution network and presence in the territory

A network of professional dealers will be able to guide you in choosing the most suitable products for your needs.

Product search service

A dedicated and efficient research service. Our buyers will assist you in the products search, providing exactly what you are looking for, to better meet your needs.

UV-C germicidal ray lamps

The UV-ray ceiling lamp is a powerful disinfection system for the upper layer of air in the rooms. The use of parabolic reflectors and non-reflective lamellae allows to create a zone of UV-C germicidal rays only in the upper part of the room, in order to keep the lower area completely safe for people. Effective against viruses (Covid-19), bacteria and fungi.

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UV-C germicidal device for PPE and medical instruments

This is an innovative system for sanitizing PPE and medical instruments in such a quick time (less than 99 seconds), easily and with high efficiency. It works with UV-C rays that eliminate all viruses (Covid-19 included), bacteria, spores, and fungi on the objects.

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Wireless headphones

To better communicate with your colleagues by protecting you from disturbing noises, maintaining social distance. They allow to easily answer calls while working, avoiding complications due to wires thanks to the Bluetooth technology. The elegant and ergonomic design is specifically studied for an optimal use, thanks to intuitive command buttons and flashing lights to indicate different configurations.

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Portable thermal imager to read body temperature. Quick and intuitive use, rechargeable batteries through USB cable, and 6-hours battery life.

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Ergonomic protections

A selected line of high-quality products for your well-being and prevention of work-place injuries. They allow workers to move in a safe and comfortable way, by protecting your joints, limb and backbone.

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Selected UVEX glasses and face masks

The best UVEX workwear line glasses selected by our experts to help you find your ideal solution. In polycarbonate, acetate, hermoplastic polyurethane, scratchproof, self-extinguishing, anti-fog, for those who are wearing corrective glasses, for mechanical hazards, for chemical hazards, suitable with dust-proof masks and half masks.

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Sanitizing mats

They allow you to clean and sanitize your shoes. For indoor and outdoor use, these mats sanitize soles and reduce the likelihood to introduce viruses and microbes indoor.

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SafeIn® workwear

SafeIn® superior quality workwear is made of technical cotton fabric to increase strength and Elastam to increase comfort and facilitate movement. Very stylish and comfortable, the jacket, the padded gilet and the sweatshirt complete the range.

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Nighstick lights

– Anti-explosion LED lights, available in various models to satisfy different needs:
penlight, for helmets, rechargable with multi-position tilt-head design, dual-light. They stand out for their reliability, great autonomy and long beam (up to 400 metres).

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SafeIn® absorbent products

The wide range of SafeIn® industrial absorbents offers various solutions for accidental spills of chemicals, oils and for universal uses. They are supplied in different formats to satisfy every need.

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SafeIn®FLUO first aid cabinets and cases 

SafeIn® line of fluorescent yellow cases and cabinets; a must-have for all the situations which require greater visibility, in order to quickly identify medical equipment, even in low visibility conditions.

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